Sunday, June 15, 2008

tinnitus, tinnitus, tinnitus

i'd taken a little break from posting.

recently, i've gotten some good comments- but it was getting a little depressing, since in the beginning i only got comments from spamers trying to sneak in ads for tinnitus miracle cures (NOT).

also, surprisingly, i got some "hate mail."

just 1 or 2 letters, but it was disturbing.

from people who thought i should be "more positive."

i wrote long letters back to these people, but they never responded.

i tried to explain that Tinnitus differs qualitatively and quantitatively, in sufferers.

for a few years, i had very mild T. i was depressed, but learned to live with the condition.

due to a later incident with profound noise trauma, my tinnitus got terribly worse.

it's outrageously loud, and makes it hard to concentrate.


point is, most doctors i've seen have made me WORSE -- NOT BETTER -- and most of the scientific studies and research is bizarrely incomplete, sparse and illogical.

i understand it's a difficult health problem to treat, but i've talked with med researchers, and their thinking on T is whimsical.

for example, my tolerance for acoustic trauma has been lowered, due to my last noise exposure.

a book falling off a shelf, someone knocking on a door -- that makes my tinnitus WORSE. sometimes permanently.

i am ignored when i mentioned this to "specialists."

when i ask specifically about it, they say, "there's no evidence of that."

which is TRUE.

the doctors ignore their patients who complain about it... and it's NEVER BEEN STUDIED.

(believe it or not, there are doctors who don't believe this condition exists, or that's is solely psychological.)

* so

the guy who has a FAINT, MILD, TRANSIENT hissing in his ears, can say "you've got to tough it out, it's not so bad."

but some tinnitus sufferers are 1 on the T scale -- and some are 9.5


it's like telling someone with a knife wound, "hey: i had pain once. i stubbed a toe. it's not so bad. get over it."

which is incredibly insensitive, stupid and cruel.

(and, only adds to the isolation of tinnitus sufferers.)

* anyway

i just got a few good REAL emails and comments.

one was from STEPHEN LUCAS, who has a very good tinnitus blog, i highly recommend:


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

tinnitus update

still in bad shape.

but, my recruitment is slightly better

thats the sensitivity to noise.

* currently, i'm trying vitamins a, c, e and magnesium

i've been on them for about a month, as a possible tinnitus treatment- no change so far.

...wish i had better news to report

Thursday, January 05, 2006

thanks to the blog readers

well -- thanks to the readers of my blog IF THERE ARE ANY.

i keep getting blog comments from nonexistent humans trying to sneak in spam ads, and business links.

** DAMN **

tinnitus & noise sesitivity update


i've stayed indoors for the past 3-4 months, trying to keep it as quiet as possible (i have severe "recruitment" due to acoustic trauma -- recruitment being a terrible sensitivity to sound. it not only is EXTREMELY painful -- like a screwdriver being jammed in my ears -- the recruitment means that noise OTHER people preceive as "normal" or "not too loud" causes my tinnitus to act up MUCH worse. tinnitus = the internal noises our ears make: chirping, buzzing, hissing etc.)

anyway, after all this time indoors, i've noticed some MILD improvement. but, it's only an improvement in the recruitment, NOT in the tinnitus.

the tinnitus is actually WORSE -- much louder hissing, beeps and "bass drum" booming in my ears.

but, i'm not as sensitive to noise.

god, i HOPE it keeps getting better. i'll at least be able to GO OUTDOORS.

STRANGE, how the tinnitus didn't better along with it though.

(I SURE WISH A DOCTOR HAD RECOMMENDED THIS; I MAY HAVE BEEN FURTHER DAMAGING MY HEARING by not staying in, and being injured by enviromental noises...

Friday, December 09, 2005

what tinnitus is like

what's tinnitus like?
the worst New Age music you've ever heard.
if you've ever had you hearing checked, you've heard the random beeps, cheeps, buzzes and tones.
well, tinnitus is alot like that.
in slow, atmospheric new age music, the beeps, cheeps, buzzes and tones are played at soft volume over a lush, swelling background.
imagine that soft, pretty sound, replaced with IRRITATING STATIC.
and the beeps, cheeps and buzzes assault you.
it's like stereo equipment gone bad.
imagine irritating new age music.
that never goes away

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

tinnitus & effexor

the anti-depressant effexor seems to be helping me slightly with the tinnitus

this may only be because it sedates me, helping me sleep for longer periods of time

at any rate, i've been on it for less than two weeks. it's not helping dramatically, but it does seem to help some.

i'll probably write about it more at length here
tinnitus cure tinnitus cures, or

at my tinnitus homepage

*sigh* sure a very disagreeable thing to have...

tinnitus sadness

it's been nearly 12 months since the fire alarm guys trapped me in a building -- then trigger the fire alarms -- and gave me this horrible tinnitus.

depressing, that i've had it for so long. the sensitivity to sound is very troubling, as i have so much difficulty going outside now. ALL noise seems to hurt my ears. tylenol helps, but the tinnitus is SO MUCH worse afterwards.

not much else to do except for tinker on the computer.

i used to enjoy listening to music, and playing acousitc guitar -- now that saddens and depresses me. reminds me how bad my ears are, and my hearing is.

i've started a few different tinnitus-related web things; if i don't burn out with depression or tinnitus sadness, i can work them pretty high up in the engines.

one generates alot of email letters. VERY SAD.

people who were completely healthy, then -- seconds later -- they had tinnitus as the result of a car airbag inflating, or they took a med that gave it to them. some are like me -- they got it from rotten people triggering alarms and other loudness around them.


hard for me to be upbeat, tho i try.

tinnitus sadness; depression, anxiety.

i was reading that insomnia, sadness and anxiety and common to people with tinnitus.

HEL-LOOO: I got this thing in the 5+ minutes the fire alarms went off. my "healthy life" is probably over, unless there is a new medical discovery for tinnitus...




so OF COURSE i'm anxious. i'm well prepared to run out of where i live at any moment, because i no my hearing can't stand another assault (fire alarms, some idiot hitting the doorbell over-and-over, etc.


thanksgiving is coming up.

all i want is to be able to get some good sleep, and hope that my T symptoms are a little less severe.

but it's been ONE YEAR since the injury.

makes me sad. an ENT told me i might get better in the 1st year. now, getting better doesn't seem likely

Thursday, November 03, 2005

tinnitus meds

tinnitus and zestril is about T and the blood pressure med zestril.

tinnitus and doxepin is about tinnitus and a med called doxepin.

my pages do well in all the engines, but Goog, the king of engines, has been crabby lately. for MONTHS. weird.

ever since i posted a page on tinnitus and airbags, i've been getting ALOT of emails from people who got the gift of tinnitus when their car airbags deployed.

i got MY tinnitus from being trapped in a building, when some idiots employed by jefferson canyon apartments did a "fire alarm test"

find of funny how these things that are SUPPOSED to HELP US, end up INJURING US.

in fact, there are LAWS that you HAVE TO have airbags, and fire alarms.

what happens when we're injured by the things designed to "help" us? why is there no recourse? at the very least, why isn't there at least A LITTLE PUBLICITY -- SO MORE PEOPLE DON'T GET INJURED

funny, how the world is

jefferson canyon apartments in austin texas

i was given tinnitus by
jefferson canyon apts austin
, and i wanted to print a link to them, as my other jefferson canyon apts link stopped working.

i was told (by attorneys) that hearing injuries aren't taken seriously, at least in austin texas. jefferson canyon apts austin trapped me in a building while they set off fire alarms (The Jefferson Canyon Apts Fire Alarm "Test"). I would rather have burned in a fire.

today, i can barely talk on a telephone; it's either too loud (which is like an icepick thru my ears, and makes my noise sensitivity and squealing, hissing and tinnitus bumble bee thumping MUCH worse), or it's too soft. it's irritating to people, because when i'm on the phone, i miss alot of the conversation.

jefferson canyon apts austin broke several laws. 1, they are required by law to give 24 hours notice of fire alarm testing. They DIDN'T. but, as the austin attorneys explained to me -- THEY DON'T GET IN TROUBLE FOR THAT.

they ruined my health, but there are no SPECIFIC laws about ruining a person's hearing, so -- JEFFERSON CANYON APTS AUSTIN WON'T GET IN TROUBLE FOR THAT.

if the jefferson canyon apt alarm testers had said, Get out of here, we're setting off the alarms, I would have run outside to safety.

they didn't. i said, "give me 30 seconds to put on clothes" (i was in pajamas; it was early in the morning)

they guys waited until i'd shut the door and was dressing, to say " too much work to do; we're turning them on."

i had oral cortisone, injections of cortisone, various medications. nothing has worked.

the manager of jefferson canyon apts told me the alarms will continue to go off there for no reason. she said they have no control over them. i said, THIS IS IMPORTANT. I NEED TO KNOW WHEN YOU'RE SENDING GUYS OUT TO TEST THE ALARMS.

the jefferson canyon apartment manager GUARANTEED me the alarms would keep going off, for no reason at all. "they malfunction," she said.

jefferson canyon is a christian organization. when you live there, you find that out. i got ALL the notices of BIBLE STUDY on sundays; i DIDN'T get the notice jefferson canyon was going to be testing fire alarms

if this is the way christians treat people, i think i'm going to become an atheist.

i'm far too kind to fit in with their group.

jefferson canyon apts
in austin texas. rent there at your own risk.

tinnitus depression

haven't posted in the tinnitus blog for a while.

tinnitus causes depression -- severely.

people write me. i got active in the tinnitus online community a while ago. hoping to get in contact with people whose tinnitus had improved. hoping to find out what meds they took, etc.

unfortunately, nearly everyone emails my tinnitus page in a PANIC. HELP! doctors don't understand it; no one's studying tinnitus. most have severe depression - we can call it Tinnitus Depression. and anxiety.

a guy wrote me, "I'm a nervous type. Do you think this contributed to my tinnitus?"

i wrote back, "No." saying depression or anxiety causes tinnitus is like kicking a guy who has a broken leg; you might make him MORE AWARE he's got a leg problem, but you're not the cause of the break.

if a guy falls off a roof and snaps his spine, a doctor will treat his depression. if a person with TINNITUS is depressed, that same doctor may consider the tinnitus a psychiatric problem, and refer the patient to a shrink.

why is this?

i got severe tinnitus and recruitment when an apartment complex (jefferson canyon apartments in austin texas), trapped me inside a building while they "tested" fire alarms.

i didn't have tinnitus or recruitment before, but i certainly had tinnitus and recruitment after.

it's called acoustic trauma. i get letters from people who got their tinnitus when they car airbags inflated, or from being near a gun blast.

it's a PHYISCAL condition.

which usually leads to depression.

it's unrelenting. you can't sleep without medication, as the tinnitus noises in your ears are too loud. you can't turn up your stereo etc loud enough to drown those sounds out.

tinnitus depression. i can't really even take care of myself anymore. recruitment = sensitivity to sound. the sound of a car engine is fantastically painful; even indoors, the sound of airplanes, etc drives me crazy. it makes me depressed. tinnitus depression.

no one would question depression causing a broken back. but some doctors (the BAD ones), think tinnitus is a psychiatric problem. because SO MANY OF THEIR PATIENTS WITH TINNITUS HAVE DEPRESSION ( or anxiety ).


Thursday, September 22, 2005

tinnitus hell

jpi property management
(AKA jefferson cyn apartments austin) gave me my tinnitus. rent from them at you own risk. there are a christian organization, but that doesn't stop them from permanently injuring people. or treating you like dirt after the injury, since they want to protect themselves from legal action.

if these people are going to "heaven", i want no part of that place.

NEW TINNITUS BLOG is my new improved tinnitus blog. I HAVE ALOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS TO WORK ONLINE NOW, SINCE JEFFERSON CANYON APARTMENTS RUINED MY HEARING. i can't go outside, because everyday noises cause severe ear pain, and make my symptoms worse.

the tinnitus symptoms include a highpitched squeal in my left ear; sometimes it's a steady pitch, other times it's like morse code. i also get a bassy tone in that ear, like a bumble bee is slowly flying by. my right ear has a thump, like a kick drum. sometimes it's continuous, and modulates a little in pitch.

there is also hissing. the hissing comes and goes, but all the other lovely symptoms go non-stop 24/7. it's enough to drive you crazy.

i refuse to apologise for the rant; JPI is a DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION and THEY WILL INJURE OTHERS. they promised me as much. i explained to the manager of jefferson cyn apartments that the guys they sent to test their fire alarms had trapped me in a building, while they triggered them.

she said they have no control over the fire alarms, and that they would continue to malfunction intermittently.

i said, you didn't hear what i just said. I told you, i saw TRAPPED in the building...

she repeated herself.

they also are required by texas law to give 24 hours notice BEFORE they test fire alarms, something they did not do.

someone in the office told me they'd had complaints about that: not giving fire alarm notice.

but, it seems that companies are very casual about obeying laws, when they have no consequences from breaking them.

# # # # # #

TINNITUS & ZESTRIL is another link, about me trying to treat my tinnitus with the medication zestril.
other links: TINNITUS & DOXEPIN. this is a strange one -- doxepin GIVES some people tinnitus, and doxepin HELPS some people who already HAVE tinnitus.

i am paying for all these medications out of pocket, since jpi properties / jefferson canyon apartments austin is able to subvert the laws of texas to permanently injure tenants. this may not be an unusual thing in texas. it is a great state to be a business owner. you certainly don't have to be inconvienienced obeying laws.

one attorney i contracted said he was looking for a disfigured baby. "That's the kind of client i need to win a lawsuit in texas."

of course, no one cares about the absurdness of this UNTIL THEY ARE THE ONES WHO GET HURT.

i have a 24 hour a day reminder of the injury.

I WAS FINE, AND 5-10 MINUTES LATER I HAD TINNITUS AND RECRUITMENT. your health can change that dramatically, that quickly. (And it probably WILL if you live in JEFFERSON CANYON APARTMENTS AUSTIN)

again, new links:
DOES ZESTRIL HELP TINNITUS?, and new tinnitus blog

this is interesting:
TINNITUS & AIRBAGS is about how people are getting tinnitus when their car airbags deploy.

TINNITUS was my homepages, and
TINNITUS & LOUD NOISE is about how loud noise can cause permanent tinnitus (It did for me -- THANK YOU, JPI / JEFFERSON CANYON APARTMENTS, for the gift of tinnitus

scumbags give you tinnitus

funny: my tinnitus posts are loved in some engines, but google is a fickle mistress and i keep having my tinnitus stuff zapped from there. DANG!

tinnitus is easier to acquire than to get rid of. for those of you who haven't read my stuff, i was given the GIFT of tinnitus against my will, by idiots checking an apartment fire alarm. they trapped me in a building for about 5 minutes, alarms blaring. i asked for a half a minute to put on clothes. longer story. too painful to go into. absolutely ruined my health. now it's difficult to sleep (tinnitus is too LOUD), and i am sound-sensitive ("recruitment").

i basically can't go outdoors; it's too noisy out there. even inside, i have problems. the sounds of airplanes. this causes TREMENDOUS pain in my ears, and makes the squeals, hiss and bumble-bee tinnitus sounds much worse. Even someone talking loud can do that!

pretty horrible. the apartment complex treated me very poorly, not wanting to get involved in my doctor's bills probably. since i've been incapacitated from this (i have to rely on other people to go GROCERY SHOPPING for me), i contacted a few lawyers, but we're evidently not allowed to sue people when they ruin our health.

big business special interest has been so effective at promoting "nuisance lawsuits" that there's no way for me to even lodge a complaint. and more people will continue to be injured; this group is reckless with the fire alarms, exposing people to needless risk.

they stuff way more fire alarms into the apartments than is necessary. see, there are laws about having TOO FEW fire alarms in an apartment -- but not too many.


i truly wish the fire alarm testers had simply shot me in the head. for those of you lucky enough to no suffer from this, you probably cannot understand this.

noises that aren't very loud to other people are EXCRUCIATINGLY loud and painful to me now. i was in the shower shampooing the other day, and, rubbing my ear caused enough trauma-volume to cause me to go temporarily deaf for about 90 seconds (followed by pain and tinnitus hissing and "kick-drum pounding"

if you suffer from this condition, you have no friends, because no one can understand it. you keep shushing people -- who always talk too loud. trouble is, once my ears have the trauma from high volume (now it can be anything: the beeps at teh supermarket check-out counter, the sound of a faraway airplace) -- the effects of this last for DAYS or WEEKS.

so, you get protective of your ears. you don't go out.

# # # # #

jefferson canayon apartments austin texas were the people responsible for hurting me. they broke MANY laws, but in texas laws are selectively enforced. (they didn't give tenants 24 hrs notice of a fire alarm test, etc etc)


the manager at jefferson canyon apartments ASSURED me that fire alarms would continue to go off for no reason. "We have no control over them" (meaning, i think, that they malfunction, or other tenants set them off)

BUT... in any other situation, i would have been out of the apartment pretty quick when the alarms sounded. I WAS TRAPPED IN THERE BY THE FIRE ALARM TESTERS.

i'd asked for "20 seconds" to put on some pants (it was 8:30 AM, I was in pajamas)
so the IDIOT TEXAN fire alarm tester let's me go do that -- than says: "We have too much work to do today, I'm setting them off."

i was completely trapped. in the middle of changing clothes. i'd shut the door for privacy. i pressed my ears closed, hoping the alarm would stop, but after about a minute i took my fingers away from my ears.

had to get on my pajama bottoms (i hadn't had time to get my pants). i had to leave my wallet and move to open the bedroom door. i had to PUSH PAST the fire alarm guys, who were blocking my way in the entry way. i had to move toward the front door, which had been closed and bolted.

then i had to race out of the building, barefoot.

it took a few minutes, and that was enough time to ruin my hearing.

# # # # #

the jefferson canyon apartments austin are a christian based organization. but they are christians like george bush is a christian. they ruined my health permanently, and i really do wish the alarm testers had shot me in the head; the level of suffering from this is unbearable.

jefferson canyon apartments, austin texas. rent there at you own peril